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  • Screens go blank but not crashing

  • Doug Lyons

    February 15, 2021 at 9:50 pm

    I’m curious if others have experienced this problem and can suggest the path forward.

    I’m working on a 5 year old iMac Retina 5K; 32 Gbs ram; Mojave; running Premiere Pro 2020 V 14.7 with an extra screen fed by thunderbolt 2 port.

    The problem is that too often when rendering or even scrolling the timeline, both screens go black – but I haven’t crashed. I tap the space bar and the screens turn back on…. but it feels precarious since very often a few moments later it goes black again and a tap on the spacebar often will return system to life but not always.

    This does not happen with any other Adobe software, even if I’m doing heavy lifting with After Effects.

    One suspect in this caper is that I often have Safari running. But the randomness of this problem makes tests using the scientific method a bit difficult.

    Maybe it has to do with a failing graphics card, but all system tests I can do with Techtool pro or with Apple hardware check reveal nothing.

    I welcome your comments Hive mind.

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