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  • People joining table – objects following a path with specific behavior

  • Lennert Hermans

    December 31, 2018 at 12:04 am

    Hi all

    For an upcoming project I need to make a scene where people join a meeting room, i.e. objects following a path and stop at different places.

    So I already have a null following the center table:

    The persons are represented by their heads, and these heads follow the null. The null’s position has an easing keyframe at the start and end:

    But when other people join, they can’t all sit in the same place and so they have to “take the other seats”.

    To solve this, I thought of using an expression valueAtTime, to have any other head join with a given delay. This makes it possible to use the same null, but of course, they follow the null up until the same chair.

    So I got rid of the delay expression and tried to make a null for each head:

    This way, I can define the end position of each head, AND ease the animation each time. But of course, that’s majorly time consuming and clutters up my project. You’d start to wonder why I’d be using nulls instead of just animating each head on it’s own.

    So, is there any clever way to use the same null that follows one defined path for different heads in such a way they end at different positions, each time with ease out?

    Right now I’m thinking of making each head follow a percentage of the null’s movement. Something like:
    Head 1 = 100%, head 2 = 85%, head 3 = 75% and so on. But how would I do this? And even is this works, how would I be able to have each head ease out?

    Thanks so much for any help 🙂

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