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  • New LTO User looking for some sage advice

     Neil Sadwelkar updated 5 days ago 3 Members · 11 Posts
  • Neil Sadwelkar

    January 14, 2022 at 5:04 am

    1. Cataloging software — I checked out the 2 you mentioned and I didn’t see any specific LTFS / LTO support. Would I simply drag the mounted LTFS volume on my HD to either of these software choices for them to make the catalog or can I import a manifest or is there a better way to connect through Canister?

    Both DiskCatalogMaker and NeoFinder treat a mounted LTFS volume as a drive. So you simply drag and drop the LTFS volume to the software and it scans and presents it as a drive. In DiskCatalogMaker, you can even have multiple LTFS volumes in one catalog, or you can drag catalogs from one to another. So, you could have multiple tapes inside one DiskCatalog and search across tapes without mounting them.

    I have Disk Catalogs of even 40 drives inside one catalog and can search for one file or folder within those. And then mount that tape and extract that file/folder.

    The file format of the catalog is .dcmf or .dcmd and you can park it in your Google Drive or Dropbox so that it accessible to you anywhere. There is a provision to save thumbnails of the media but that’s time-consuming so I don’t use it.

    And, you can export this info as a csv and build a spreadsheet as well.


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