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  • Multi-object uniform scale wiggle + loop

  • Rod Duarte

    February 23, 2021 at 2:31 pm

    Hey guys!

    I’m trying to achieve this (attached).

    So the way I’m tackling it, is I create the triangles in Illustrator, then properly prepare for export into After Effects.

    Once in AE, I import, convert to layered comp and all that jazz.

    But, since it’s so many of them, it’s tedious, slow and just…

    It just feels like I’m trying to brute-force something that probably has a better, smarter way to accomplish.

    I’ve thought of doing it using repeaters, but that doesn’t work because whatever effect I apply to the original is going to get replicated to the copies. Unless there’s some expression or some other way to have it NOT do that?

    I’ve also found plenty of posts about uniform scale wiggle + loop, but I couldn’t get any of them to work because none of the replies I’ve found, have both the uniform scale + wiggle AND the loop in one tidy expression. There’s a good chance I’m failing at putting these together.

    So to explain better, what I want to see happen is:

    – Screen filled with the triangles

    – Each one, independently and randomly, changes size via uniform scale wiggle (unless there’s a better way?)

    – When I get that done, I’ll use a fractal displacement map to control their opacity, so like in that picture, some of them disappear. Or maybe just by wiggling radically, that’d happen already? As in if the scale can be dropped to 0% for instance.


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