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  • iphone

  • Kevin Kulesa

    April 30, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    imagine that there was an iphone laying on a table. It is A locked down shot in perspective that is equal to one of the custom view within after effects. On the screen of the iphone would be video a man lying down in perspective so that the video appears to be running on the phone. (I can corner pin this shot to the iphone screen) in the video he would then precede to get up out of the phone sit on top of the phone and then walk away. ( this shot cannot be skewed to the perspective of the phone) We plan to have a two camera shoot in a green screen studio, one camera above view and one camera perspective view. In After Effects how can I make these two shots work so the transition between the perspectives look seamless. The man would need to appear to be getting out of the phone.

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