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  • Creating Custom FX Plugin/Preset

     Mike Kujbida updated 12 years, 9 months ago 2 Members · 2 Posts
  • Shawn Williams

    December 18, 2008 at 4:05 am

    Alright, so I’m wanting to know if there’s any possible way to save a video effect that you’ve made from combining multiple different effects as an FX Plugin? Like lets say I placed Black/White, Light Rays, and Add Noise all onto one video. Would there be any way to save the configurations and to make it an effect of it’s own? So I could just go down to the Video FX section and drag it to my video to give it that same effect? I can only figure out how to save it as a Plug-in Chain, but I want to make it all one effect, so when I drag it to my video I can just key frame the whole thing at once rather than having to key frame each and every effect seperately like I have to with the Plugin Chain.

    I’m also hoping to use a method similar to that in order to save this Title Animation Bar I’ve made that I want to go overtop of certain video’s as if it were a Media Generator of sorts. It’s a JPG that has two transitions and has audio effects to go along with it. So I’m hoping I can just drag it to a video instead of having to copy and paste each and every little part of it. I know it can be done in bigger programs such as Final Cut Pro because I’ve seen several TV shows who do a similar method and I really doubt they’d go through the trouble of having to drag different parts of the animation bar in order to re-create it each time they need it. Right now when I need it I just open up a seperate Vegas project that has the animation inside of it, I then just go to select all, then copy, and paste the files over on my other Vegas project, but I’m getting really tired of having to do that each time.

    If there’s no possible way to make that animation bar a preset that’s accessible in a section of Vegas, is there anyway I can save it as a Flash video, so I can just open the video in Vegas, drag it to another video and be able to use it just fine? Only problem I can think of is that it may render the video with a typical black background rather than just saving the animation itself with no background like a GIF.

    Any help would be great, thanks. Hopefully I’m making some sense in what I’m asking for.

  • Mike Kujbida

    December 18, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    To save an FX chain, click the “Plug-In Chain” icon (found in the upper right of the Video Event FX window).
    Click “Save As” in the “Plug-In Chooser” window that comes up, give it a name and save it.
    When you want to use this chain again, click the Video FX icon on the event, click “Filter Packages” on the “Plug-In Chooser” window that comes up and click the one you want.

    Start a new project, create your Title Animation Bar and save it as a veg file.
    When you want to use it, import the veg file and drop it on your timeline.
    It’ll show up as a single audio & video track event but can be modified if desired by right-clicking it and selecting “Edit in Vegas (*.veg)”.

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