Colourlab AI

Colourlab Ai Emerges to Revolutionize Post Production

The future of color grading has arrived with the industry’s first AI-powered application to dramatically improve the filmmaking process.

Hollywood-based Color Intelligence garnered significant attention in the filmmaking community this past September when it announced Colourlab Ai, a revolutionary new color grading system designed to radically improve the process of color correction by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). After two months of private beta testing with 500 industry professionals and enterprise clients including Company 3, Harbor, HBO and Technicolor, the company is releasing Colourlab Ai to the public today.

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“We are so excited to release this tool to the market and help accelerate the process of color grading. This will free content creators to focus their creativity on the unlimited artistic possibilities of color. It’s time to fall in love with color again,” commented founder and color scientist Dado Valentic. Tune in on Tuesday, November 24th at 11am PST for a livestream with Dado Valentic on the official release of Colourlab Ai – register here

Colourlab Ai uses advanced AI models trained specifically for cinematic content to automatically color match footage and suggest variations from a user graded reference clip. It can even use a reference still from any source image. This enables creators to instantly match shots across an edited timeline or hours of unedited dailies in just seconds or minutes. Integrating into existing post-production pipelines without disrupting already established ways of working, the application uses a unique patent-pending method to match clips using the same familiar controls colorists already use. Colourlab Ai is tightly integrated with the world’s most popular color corrector DaVinci Resolve and applications like Adobe Premiere, Avid, Baselight and Final Cut Pro. 

While AI color matching is at the core of this cutting edge software, Colourlab Ai launches with many significant features developed based on industry feedback during the beta process. This includes the ability to seamlessly work in SDR and output HDR content that displays correctly on Apple HDR-supported mobile devices as well as both professional and consumer HDR displays. The color managed pipeline features popular camera profiles that allow multiple camera types to be effortlessly matched in a single step. 

“Colourlab Ai is the type of AI-powered workflow tool that reminds me why I love what I do. By significantly speeding up the tedious, but necessary process of matching clips, it allows me to spend more time with footage in the creative phase; reconnecting with that process has been a dream,” says Roberto Negron, Senior Colorist at Axis Studios. “Colourlab Ai truly is a game-changer for the industry.”

Colourlab Ai Debuts in Time for Black Friday 50%-Off Special

Just in time for Black Friday, Colourlab Ai will be available for 50% off full price ($999 annual license only) from now until Cyber Monday. 

A free demo version of Colourlab Ai is also now available, which allows anyone interested to test the system using their own footage and projects to evaluate the power of the application and the time saving benefits before subscribing.  

Backed by the Industry’s Best

In its early development stages, Google and Nvidia both supported Color Intelligence’s artificial intelligence R&D efforts. The company was selected by the renowned Silicon Valley incubator program, Y Combinator, designed to bring funding and expertise to promising new products and enterprises. 

The company attracted seed investments from Steve Bayes, former Avid product designer and Apple Pro Video product manager responsible for both Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro. James Richings, previously the joint managing director of EditShare EMEA and the current owner and Chairman of LWKS Software Ltd. (Lightworks) has also joined the investment team.

Colourlab Ai is currently MacOS only and available for subscription for $99 per month or $999 annually. Additional details on Colourlab Ai can be found at


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