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Submitting press-releases to creative cOW

Please read our short directions below before submitting your news. Failure to do so could find your news being ignored.

Press-Releases are a free and easy way for your company’s news to reach the vast Creative COW audience. Following our few rules will get your news quickly considered for review with the greatest possibility of publication in our site — and perhaps even inclusion in our weekly newsletter.

Please DO NOT send press-releases to personal email addresses. Why? We use an automated system and when you send it directly to our team members, you add steps to our busy schedules. When we are very busy, which is often, we ignore press mail sent to us personally. 

We have a dedicated email address that you can send to, it is PRESS AT CREATIVECOW DOT NET and we ask that you please use it. We ignore press-releases sent to all other COW addresses, as a matter of company policy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As mentioned, we use an automated system that both prepares the text and does much of the work preparing your images for our press department. This saves us time and shows that you are cooperating with our team. Because your press is already half-done or more, you stand a much greater chance of seeing your press-releases approved and added to our news department.

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: When you send press, please send the COMPLETE news item as an email with your images attached.

We do not “fetch” news sent with only the first paragraph as a teaser that we have to go and download. Why do we ignore it? Because we use an automated system that does much of the work for us if you send your news in this manner. If you send it as we ask, it will be ready for us to tweak and approve. Send us a “teaser” and we will ignore it because it adds many steps and much time to the process.

Please do NOT send huge 300dpi images formatted for print because if you do not wish to take the extra steps to prepare your images for the web, neither do we. We only do this for our advertisers, as a courtesy to them. Oddly, our advertisers send us web-formatted images, in most cases. Please understand that we are a busy team and we give preference to those who understand that their press-releases are being sent to a web publisher. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have questions and need clarification regarding your own press-releases and why they do not appear in our news department or how best to write or structure your press-releases to maximize your chance of getting exposure in our news department and in our newsletters, please feel free to contact us using the button below. 

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to working with you.

— The Creative COW Press Team

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